sustainable, creative, healthy, collective living. without jobs

JULY 12-19



Escape Pod

The world is burning. Machines are coming for our jobs. The rich are getting richer. And everyone else is getting more depressed. Fun times!

But humans are great problem solvers. What if we could invent a new way of living that was more meaningful, and less injurious to the planet?

At Escape Pod, we’re striving to do just that!


Escape Pod is a week-long sustainable, creative, healthy, community experiment — where participants can immerse themselves in a post-job world.

Instead of being organized around soul-numbing work and buying stuff we don’t need, Escape Pod is designed around activities that add value to our lives without costing much money.

And Escape Pod is 100% carbon neutral. That means no emissions, no excess waste, no lasting impact on the environment.



Over your seven days at Escape Pod, you’ll:

  • Work on big creative projects

  • Prepare locally-sourced meals and eat them together

  • Exchange services like music lessons, yoga classes, pottery tutorials, and physics lectures

  • Concentrate on spiritual growth

  • Give each other gifts

  • Play sports and games

  • Plan a festival to celebrate the super awesome gift that is life on Earth!



sustainable, creative, healthy, collective living. without jobs


A week


life after work


July 12-19, 2020


Trinity Alps, CA

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